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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

We are a volunteer and voluntary neighborhood association, which means every property owner in the neighborhood is considered a member, we do not have any mandatory dues and our board is made up of property owners that live here and volunteer their time. Our mission is to maintain and enhance the semi rural character and culture of our neighborhood. The most significant challenges we face are non-residential intrusion.

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We Organize for the Betterment of Our Community.

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Latest in the Neighborhood

Happy Holidays from the Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

As 2022 winds down, we would like to share some the current and future projects the neighborhood association has been occupied with.

Over the past two years we have been actively involved in:

Naples Senior Center Project– we presented the opinions we received from Oakes Estates property owners that shared their thoughts about the change in zoning that was needed for the project to proceed. Property owners were overwhelmingly against it. The County Commissioners approved the zoning change, but our concerns influenced the scope and aesthetics of the project to reduce the negative impacts to the neighbors closest to the center.

Connection to Logan on East/West Streets – we petitioned the county commission to resolve to prohibit the connection of our east/west lanes from ever connecting to Logan Blvd.

Immokalee Road Corridor Study - we continue to monitor the Immokalee Road Corridor Study and the proposed improvements and their impacts to our community.

Additional sidewalk on the east side of Oakes Boulevard – again, we are following the progress of this proposal and offering traffic calming solutions for the Oakes and Spanish Oaks intersection.

As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond

Standing Oaks PUD - we are closely watching the steps that are being taken now to begin the development of the Standing Oaks PUD, which is a development of up to 164 condominium units on just over forty acres between the main north south canal west of Oakes Boulevard and I-75.

Oakes Blvd & Vanderbilt Beach Rd – we are monitoring the lot at the corner of Oakes Boulevard and Vanderbilt Beach Road, owned by the North Naples Fire District, so we will know if there is any change in status there.

Do Your Part

There has been a tremendous change in the traffic through our neighborhood so people can avoid Immokalee Rd. and it may be the single most important issue to our safety and the character of our community. Please take any opportunity to ask service providers that come to your property to be mindful of keeping the roadways clear and to operate their vehicles and equipment safely. Each of us needs to be aware of our own behavior as we drive in and out as well. Please watch your speed. When we go to the county with requests for their consideration for anything, but safety related issues specifically, they remind us that many times it is our own property owners that are the most frequent violators of the safe driving laws inside our neighborhood. You can help us by changing those statistics and, if you have youthful operators in your house, please offer frequent reminders to drive responsibly.

Please visit this website at least once per month to see what is new there. We work to update it and post relevant information there. If you have a suggestion for improvements, please let us know.

We would appreciate your voluntary contribution of at least $50 a year to sustain our work. We are always looking for neighbors that are interested in serving on the association board or committees, so let us know if you have an interest.

Do not forget! Meetings are the first Tuesday of every non-summer month. The next meeting is December 6, 2022.

Current & Future Challenges

Improving safety at the Oakes Bouevard and Spanish Oaks Lane intersection

Improving Oakes Boulevard with crosswalks that are identifiable at each intersection

Monitoring the Standing Oaks, Naples Senior Center and Destiny Church PUD’s

Calming traffic inside the neighborhood

Maintaining strong relationships with key people in County government, in planning, the County Manager’s office and at the County Commission

Influence the water management authorities to facilitate better drainage during the summer season

Maintain a robust communication channel with all interested members of the neighborhood.




Contact Information

Tom Ellis, President

Mike Vitte, Vice President

John Nicola, Treasurer


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Mailing Address:

Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.
PO Box 111046
Naples, FL 34108-1146

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