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Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.


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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting 7 P.M. Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Call to order/ Determination of Quorum: Vice president Mike Vitte called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with a quorum of board members present: Hiram Garcia, John Nicola, Jim Glase, Terry Iamurri, Bob Walker, Tony Palladino and Jim Rice. Guest in attendance were Frank Millot, Steve Bracci, Amy Blauch, Rosemary McAvoy, Mark Schwab and Bobbi Sutton along with our hostess from NNBC Gayle Hahe.

Approval of Minutes: Bob made a motion to approve last month's minutes, Tony seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer's report: John reported a bank balance of $4856.20 with 55 contributing members.

Election of Officers: John made a motion to approve all existing officers in attendance and those absent, to stay in their positions on the board if they choose to. The motion was seconded by Jim Rice and the motion carried.

Old Business:

  1. Winkler Property/Naples Senior Center: Bob reported that John Passidomo contacted Tom to tell him that he and Wayne Arnold would like to meet with the original small committee of the board to go over the application they have submitted to the county. This meeting will take place next Tuesday, April 9th at 5:30. The board expects to hear of changes made from their original application and will report back to the rest of the board.

  2. Destiny Church Expansion: Tony reported that Destiny has purchased 40 acres on Immokalee Rd. for a future church. They still plan to expand where they are on Hidden Oaks Lane where they most likely will be for the next two to three years before their new church can be built. Tony reported that he has been in communication with Mike Bosi with the county with specific questions on their latest application for the building they are proposing. He did not get any meaningful response. Tom followed it up with a letter from OENA to Commissioner Burt Saunders to see if he could assist in getting us some timely answers. He got a generic response from Dave Lykins executive coordinator to Commissioner Saunders. After much discussion, John made a motion that our follow up to this is to seek a formal request for interpretation of the code so we can have clear understanding of what may or may not be allowed. Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. Steve Bracci offered to help write this formal request.

  3. Logan Landings – Updates: John reported that Sprouts has been opened since late February. Pet Supermarket has their sign up and should be opening shortly with a few restaurants to follow. He asked Terry to ask Chuck, our OENA webmaster, to maybe put this up on the website.

  4. Standing Oaks PUD Median Improvements: Terry reported that the landscape architect for this project has had to redo her plan yet again. She has been told by the county they are now to follow a stricter guideline by the state for these medians. All vegetation in these 80' medians needs to be below 24" tall. The curbing will be 6" so all plant material needs to less than 18". There are a limited amount of plants in this height range for median use. The three medians propose plant material will all include Foxtail fern in the middle, carrissa boxwood on each side and perennial peanut on the outside.

  5. Recap of annual meeting: The consensus was that everyone enjoyed Mark Strains presentation. Gayle and John both reported that we had a great turnout of approximately 110 or more.

New Business:

Annual Gift and expression of appreciation to North Naples Baptist Church: John thanked Gayle for the use of their facility for our meetings. Many denominations of a donation were thrown around with John making a final motion to make a $200.00 donation to NNBC. Bob seconded the motion the motion carried with one descending vote by Jim Rice, whom wanted a larger donation given.

Comments on Nextdoor: Terry reported that an Oakes resident on the website Nextdoor had offered to fix the Spanish Oaks intersection offering a roundabout/traffic circle in humor said if the county does it themselves he thinks it will cost 10K. A few people responded to this with things like I hope they do not do this and others asking how to use it. The reason this was of importance to OENA is because we have tried three different surveys to see what residents think of a 4 way stop at this intersection, with not much response as a total from the neighborhood. It is now in a hold pattern until the medians are built on Oakes Blvd.

Emails/Threads: Terry asked everyone to check their Oakes board "group" when sending emails to update to new officers, so threads are not sent to former board.

Valewood/Immokalee Rd: John and Tony noted that since they have closed the median at the end of Oakes that it appears less people are traveling down Oakes. They believe this will help in traffic calming as we had hoped.

Open Agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church Events: Gayle announced they are now offering indoor Pickle ball twice a month on Tuesdays. On Good Friday they will be offering a Passover meal to anyone that would like to come. They will be having an Easter egg hunt with a thousand plus eggs for youngsters. On April 28th they are having an outreach program so you can drop off nonperishable food items for the poor. Please contact Gayle for these and other events at Gayle@nnbc.life

Adjournment: Bob made a motion to adjourn at 7:57 p.m. Jim Rice seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri



Tom Ellis called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10. He then introduced the board; Bob Walker, Tony Palladino, John Nicola, Mike Vitte, Hiram Garcia, Jaimie Ringhofer, Russell Williams, Jim Rice, Jim Glase and Terry Iamurri to approximately 100 people in attendance. All Oakes Estates residents and a few from Tarpon Bay along with our speaker Mark Strain (Collier County Hearing Examiner) and Commissioner Burt Saunders. Gayle Hahe was introduced from North Naples Baptist Church and thanked for hosting this event at the church.

Following opening comments Tom introduced Mark Strain.

Presentation by Collier County Hearing Examiner, Mark Strain: Mark gave a 45 minute presentation on current and future county growth patterns that are approved or being considered all over the county. He explained reasons and dynamics for the projects shaping the future of the county. He not only spoke regarding development of future construction and roads he also showed graphs of population, here and across the U.S. The forecast today and into the future of how Collier County sits with the rest of Florida and the United States and why it is and will continue to be popular. It was a well-received presentation. He then open the floor to numerous questions from our guests.

Presentation from Tom

Tom explained that Naples Senior Center is pursuing the Winkler property and the board’s position that the property should not be allowed to be changed to a commercial use. Tom reported that the current status of the request for NSC’s use is not known but that we anticipate they will submit a request for a revision in the zoning and potentially a PUD. He mentioned that we are developing a letter that outlines the board’s position relative to commercial zoning inside the neighborhood boundries and it will be posted on the website for residents to download and sign, when the time may be needed to present to our County Commissioners. He asked by a show of hands how many people were opposed to the NSC proposal. It appeared to be unanimous. He then asked how many would support the NSC, with a show of no hands.

Destiny Church Expansion: Tom Ellis and Bob Walker explained at this time it appears that original design for the Destiny Church property provided for an additional auxillary building in addition to the sanctuary building that currently exists. It was asked by show of hands if you are in favor of the expansion, with a no show of hands. Then it was asked if you are against any expansion of this church and a unanimous show of hands were in the air.

Tom asked by a show of hands how people became aware of the annual members meeting. Many in the room did not respond at any to the following choices.

  1. By the annual Letter that was sent to them – 7-10 votes

  2. Email (blasts) – 30 or so

  3. Website – 10 or so

Tom closed the meeting with an appeal to the members in the room to stay engaged with the work of the board and the challenges in the neighborhood through the neighborhood web site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm

Respectfully submitted by: Terry Iamurri



Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Call to Order/Determination of Quorum: President Tom Ellis called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with quorum present: Russell Williams, Hiram Garcia, Mike Vitte, John Nicola, Jim Rice, Terry Iamurri, Bob Walker, Tony Palladino and Jaimie Ringhofer. Guest in attendance were Mark Schwab property manager from Tarpon Bay, Rob Mackey, Steve Bracci, Celia Garcia, Bobbi Sutton, Chris and Anna Waleri and our hostess from NNBC Gayle Hahe.

Approval of Minutes: John made a motion to Approve January’s minutes, Jim seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: John reported a bank balance of $3332.45 with no new contributions.

Old Business:

  1. Winkler Property/Naples Senior Center: Tom reached out by voice mail to John Passidomo to find out to see if anything new regarding Naples Senior Center pursuing this property. He did not get a return call. That will be a priority for us to find out as soon as possible so we know what their intentions are. Tony and Bob set up a meeting with our commissioner Burt Saunders for next Monday to go over where OENA stands regarding this parcel and the consideration of the senior center for this parcel use. Tom will be attending this meeting with them.

  2. Destiny Church Expansion: Tony and Bob reported they have not pursued any new application.

  3. Logan Landings: John reported the anchor Sprouts grocer still plans their grand opening for the 20th of February with other outer parcels following behind.

  4. Standing Oaks PUD Updates: Bob reported he spoke with Chris Allen he said they are focusing on doing improvements along I-75 including looking into a wall to be built. The rest of the project is on hold, maybe for a year or two.

  5. Planning for Annual Meeting March 5: It was decided to let the first fifteen minutes be a bit of a meet and greet, sign in and name tags, coffee and dessert. At 7:15 we allow our guest from the county Mark Strain do his presentation with our meeting and election of board to follow. Tony made a motion to allow Terry to purchase desserts and paper goods for the needs for the annual meeting with a budget $150.00 Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.

New Business:

Standing Oaks PUD Strategy: Tom wonder by our by-laws if this PUD which falls within the middle of Oaks Blvd. and our streets would have voting privileges or other rights to OENA. By normal PUD’s they will most likely have their own Property Owner Association and be somewhat self-contained. We do not see this as an issue at this time.

Open Agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church: Gayle reported they plan to have and Active Shooter class available sometime in March for those that would be interested. The date to be announced. For more information about this activity and others contact Gayle at Gayle@nnbc.life

Adjournment: Bob made a motion to adjourn at 7:59 p.m. Tony seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by
Terry Iamurri


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Call to order/Determination of Quorum: Mike Vitte called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with a quorum present: Mike Vitte, Tom Ellis, Terry Iamurri, John Nicola, Russell Williams, Bob Walker, Tony Palladino and Jim Rice. Guests in attendance were Coventine Fidis, Bobbi Sutton, Mark Schwab, Karl Fry, Rosemary McVey, Ed Zeigler, Hiram and Celia Garcia, along with our hostess Gayle Hahe.

Approval of minutes: John made a motion to approve the December minutes, Jim seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: John reported our bank balance as $3957.45. He provided a spread sheet that showed our income and expenses for each year over the past decade. This past year was the first time we ever had more income than expenses by just over $300.00.

Old Business:

  1. Selection of New President: Mike Vitte acting President for tonight’s meeting reminded everyone of Karl Fry’s resigning from the board last month. After our December meeting by email John Nicola made a motion to elect Tom Ellis as our President, Tony Palladino seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. It was done officially again tonight with a unanimous outcome. Tom then took over as President and resided over the meeting. Karl was thanked for his long and dedicated service as President of the OENA. He was given a gift card and Jim Rice made Karl a fish platter with all the boards’ names on the back.

  2. Naples Senior Center/13-Acre Parcel: Tom Ellis is now our official committee chair person for this project. Bob nominated him, Tony seconded the motion and the motion carried by email proxy in December. Tom reported that he thinks this would be better titled the Winkler Property because this is the trust that holds the 13 acre land at the corner of Autumn Oaks and Oakes Blvd. John Passidomo called Tom when he heard he maybe our next President. Tom told him he was not comfortable talking with him until after our meeting tonight. Tom will let John know that we will not be entertaining the idea of senior center for this property. Tom will meet with Mark Strain to get a better understanding of the county’s outlook on this parcel. He will also let them know that the board’s view of this land is for residential use only.

  3. Logan Landings-Updates: John reported Sprouts grocer is still planning their grand opening for February 20th. They are hiring now. Other tenants have been announced and will be soon to follow.

  4. Standing Oaks PUD Updates: Bob reported he spoke with Karl Davidson and he said they are waiting on numerous permits to be approved at the county.

  5. Open Board Position: Ironically this position was vacated by Hiram Garcia whom moved out of the area about one year ago. He and his wife, Celia, never sold their house and are back living in the neighborhood. He wanted to be reinstated. Tony made a motion to reinstate Hiram in the open board position, Mike seconded the motion and the motion carried.

New Business:

Immokalee Rd. Median Closing at Oakes: Karl reported that Tony Khawaja said that the funds will be awarded one of the first few weeks in February at the Board of County Commission meeting. Work should start soon after that. From the drawings that Tony sent Karl it appears there will not be too much change to Immokalee Rd. The westbound turn lane on to Oakes will close allowing the county to extend the eastbound Valewood turn lane to become 290 feet longer. It appears there will be some re-aligning of the turn lanes (we hope for better visibility that we have brought to the county’s attention prior). The light at Valewood and Autumn Oaks will have a slightly different signal pattern.

Annual Meeting: Terry brought up that Tom may want to get with Karl to outline a letter that is sent out in February announcing our annual meeting. Karl offered to forward on the past letters to give Tom a base to go on. Russell inquired whether we would do the same format as last year and let anyone in the neighborhood who would like to bring business cards, brochures, samples or displays about their businesses. We had one of our best turn outs for an annual meeting doing this.

Open Agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church: Gayle reported that they have done work to their website. They are still doing game nights and they are having a Wednesday night fellowship meal but you need to RSVP by Tuesday for it.

Adjournment: John made a motion to adjourn at 8:03 p.m. Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by
Terry Iamurri



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